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Resuming Normal Operations Today

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Dear Parents/Guardians:

On behalf of the school community, I extend our support and condolences to all those affected by the events on Parliament Hill.  It was a difficult day for our community.

At the school, our first priority is always the safety of our students and staff.   When we encounter situations of risk, we implement appropriate safety measures to secure the school and we make every effort to maintain a calm and safe learning environment.

In response to this incident, our school moved to Shelter in Place which means regular activity continued within the school, but all exterior doors and windows were locked, and students were kept inside at lunch and recess.

In emergency situations, we receive communications support from the school district.  This allows school staff to stay focused on school needs and ensures consistent and timely messaging to the community.  Information from the district was provided to parents through the media, social media (Twitter and Facebook), our district website (ocdsb.ca), from our school blog (katimavikes.edublogs.org) and direct phone calls and e-mail to parents.

At times like this, we are reminded of the importance of having up-to-date emergency contact information for all parents.  Please ensure that your contact information is up to date. We recently sent home a copy of the information we have on file and have asked you to verify and/or update your contact information and we remind you to please return it as soon as possible.

As we resume regular operations today and beyond, we will be keeping a close eye on student and staff well-being.  We know that children may be confused by what they have heard about what happened in our city yesterday.   Most likely they will look to adults for information and guidance on how to react. Parents and school personnel can help children cope by listening, acknowledging and validating feelings and by being reassuring.  At the school, we will provide resources and supports to students as required.  An information sheet for parents to help manage conversations with children is posted on the district website at this link: http://www.ocdsb.ca/OCDSB%20Doc/OCDSB%20Comms%20Tips%20for%20Parents_Teachers.pdf

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.  I appreciate your ongoing support.


Wendy Jewell

School Council Election Results and Next Meeting (November 26)

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On October 15, the School Council held a meeting to elect officers for the 2014/2015 school year. At that meeting it was decided to cancel the meeting scheduled for this evening, October 23.

On behalf of the families and and staff at Katimavik I would like to thank all those who have come forward to volunteer to be a member of the School Council and to those who were willing to put their candidacy forward for leadership within the Council. Welcome to Megan Venner and Sara Cummings who are our new Co-Chairs of the Council. Last year’s Chair, Claudette Nyenhuis will take the duties of Treasurer, and Teri MacDonald will serve as the Council’s Secretary. Thank you! The Council includes the Principal, Vice Principal and a member of the teaching staff. Councils also provide the opportunity for a representative of the Admin and Support Staff and a community member to be part of the group.

All parents and guardians are always welcome to attend any School Council meeting where there is discussion about various topics including our School Learning Plan (formerly SIPSA). There is opportunity for input on the School Learning Plan and on decisions that affect our students’ learning experience. The School Council is a place where families can get to know each other better in the service of enhancing school experiences for all of our students, including their own child/ren. We know that parents have valuable insights, ideas and knowledge to share and we encourage you to come and join us to see what the Council is all about!

For the remainder of the school year, meetings will be held on the fourth Wednesday of the months of November, January, February, April and May. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday,  November 26 from 7 -9 p.m. in the school library.


Communication Tips for Parents and Teachers

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Dear Parents/Guardians and Families,

The OCDSB has prepared some tips for parents and teachers to keep in mind when communicating with children about today’s events. Please follow this link: http://www.ocdsb.ca/alert/Pages/Communication-Tips-for-Parents-and-Teachers.aspx

Please know that the staff at Katimavik will model calm and contol, limit media exposure and acknowledge and validate any feelings that students may wish to express here at school. We will, as suggested, follow the lead of the students and answer questions as best we can and in developmentally appropriate ways while at the same time maintaining normal routines in the school. We are here for our students first and foremost. If there is anything we can do to support your child/ren or your family at this time, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at [email protected], at the school at 613-592-5462.

Thank you once again for your support today.


Wendy Jewell

Shelter in Place Released

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Dear Parents/Guardians and Families,

The Shelter in Place status has been lifted at Katimavik. Parents can rest assured that school buses will be running on their usual schedule today and that the YMCA after school program will be running. Parents are now able to pick their children up from school.

Thank you for your calm response to this situation and the trust you place in us to keep your children safe while they are in our care. The District plans to send a voice message to all families, complete with some information about how to talk to children about today’s events.

Please contact the school  if you won’t be able to meet your child at school or at home after school and want to give us alternate arrangements to you child.  We are in the process  of trying to call as many families as we can before the end of the school day.


Wendy Jewell

Shelter in Place

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Dear Parents and Families,

Please know that all is well in the school and our students are continuing with their school day as usual today. We have been directed by the Director of Education  to activate our emergency procedures and are in a “Shelter in Place”. This means that all of the doors to the school are locked and windows are closed and no one may leave or enter the building until the “Shelter in Place” is lifted. At this time we don’t know when that will occur. I will advise you as information becomes available. Until the Shelter in Place is lifte, parents/guardians may not pick up their children. We have not informed the students about any events occurring outside of the school.

Student safety is our first and number one priority. I ask you to draw on the safe and trusting relationships we have established over the years and for support as we respond to this extenuating and challenging circumstance. I am receiving regular updates from the Director of Education and following her directives and will keep you posted.


Wendy Jewell

We Scare Hunger

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“We Scare Hunger” is a campaign run through “Free The Children” that asks kids to go out on Halloween and ask for cans instead of (or in addition to) candy to collect food for local food banks. We will be asking our CLIK (Changing Lives in Kenya) members to do this, but CLIK members thought that we could make a larger impact if we involved the rest of the school.
So, teachers will be letting all students know about “We Scare Hunger” and the possibility of going out on Halloween night and asking for food donations as well as candy. If students want to participate they do NOT need to register with CLIK, just collect some food on October 31 and bring it to school on Monday Nov. 3rd!
If they do not want to ask for food items on Halloween students can still make a difference and collect some non perishable items from home or neighbors before Halloween and bring them to school! Students, parents, visitors and staff can keep track of how many items we collect by visiting the CLIK board in the front hall of the school.
Let’s scare up some food items for the Kanata Food Cupboard!
Thanks to CLIK for its leadership on this initiative!

Personal Safety

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In light of news reports this morning from the Ottawa Police, we have reminded students today about personal safety in the community. Reminders about walking on well established routes, with others, going directly to and from destinations, staying away from strangers etc have been made. These are always good practices for kids and adults alike and may be worthy of review at home this weekend as well. We have tried to avoid informing the students about the nature of the incidents reported in the news today, believing that families will want to make their own decisions about how much they want their children to know. We will continue to monitor the school yard closely, as we always do, in order to ensure the safety of all students.

Have a great weekend!


Mme Jewell

School Council Meeting October 15

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Here is a message from the School Council!

Wed Oct 15th

7:00pm School Library

Important: It is the parents at Katimavik School that make up the Katimavik School Council. Have a say on Wed Oct 15th…..vote for your School Council. We need you to be present and vote.

If Katimavik School Council had a Facebook page, our kids would have a lot to “LIKE”. If there were no School Council, there would be……

NO-Pizza day, Mazolla, Lunch Lady, MILK program

NO- Holiday Elves – giving back to the community with a donation to the Kanata Food Cupboard

NO- School dances, school movie nights

NO- Scholastic Book Fair, which helps supply new books to the library

NO- making a special recipe for the Staff Appreciation lunch

NO – Annual Community Festival in June

If there was no School Council, there would be a lot less things to “LIKE”.

In order to provide all of the above, we need parents to be interested and involved. We need you to come out and vote for a School Council Executive on Wed Oct 15th. We want you to have a say on how we allocate the money that is raised. We want you to show support for our kids and the staff at Katimavik, by being present and having a strong and involved School Council. It is a win-win situation.



Feedback and Mindset

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This article was forwarded to me this morning and I have shared it with the staff at KES and want to share it with families as well. It provides concrete examples of effective ways to give feedback in ways that encourage a growth mindset in our children. You can read more about a growth mindset in Carol Dweck’s book “Mindset”.



A Parent’s Guide to 21st Century Learning – Technology Session Monday, October 6

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The Ottawa Carleton Assembly of School Councils has asked me to forward this via our school blog. It looks like an excellent learning opportunity for parents as the OCDSB moves more and more to the use of Google Docs and a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) learning environment. W. Jewell

The Google for Education Team is coming to Ottawa to train local educators and OCASC is pleased to offer a free evening presentation for parents!

Discover how teachers are using technology, tools and innovative practices to prepare students for tomorrow – and learn how parents can get involved. Google certified teacher, Kyle Pace has a strong passion for sharing the impact that educational technology can have on student learning. Join us on Monday, October 6th to:

  • learn strategies for collaboration with teachers to help students develop 21st century skills
  • locate resources available to help parents support students at home
  • understand the social world that students navigate online and its relevance to the classroom
  • learn how parents can guide students to become strong digital citizens

When: Monday, October 6, 6:45 – 8:30 PM

Where: St. Paul High School, 2675 Draper Avenue, Ottawa (behind Lee Valley/IKEA)

Free childcare for school age children will be made available by St. Paul Peer helpers.

Register Now: http://bit.ly/1thCMXj

Here is the flyer for the event: GoogleWorkshop 6 Oct2014