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Meet Your Child/ren’s Teacher(s) This Evening

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Please be reminded that the teachers at Katimavik will be happy to meet you this evening between 5:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.  If you have some time during this period of 90 minutes, please drop by to shake hands, say hello and see the classroom(s) in which your child/ren will be learning this year. This is an informal “Meet and Greet” type of event. Please reserve another time to speak with a teacher if you wish to discuss the academic program  for your child/ren or student achievement.

Thank you! We hope to see you this evening if you can make it!


Welcome Back!

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Welcome to our new and returning students, family and staff! The school year is underway and we have had a smooth return to Katimavik this week.
The school facility has been well looked after through the summer and all of the surfaces have been refreshed through cleaning, painting or waxing. The lockers were replaced in the intermediate wing, creating a fresh new look and providing a little bit more width to the hallway. Five portable classrooms were moved to another site, and their footprints have been covered with lush sod. The facility is ready to go!
We know that what makes a school is more than just its physical condition; it is the people who learn and play there that create a school. The students, their families and the staff must work together to create and uphold the character and values of the community. Over the past four years in my role of Principal at Katimavik, I have been witness to the strength of the home and school relationship as together we have navigated a challenging time through the Accommodation Review and transition to our new school grade and program structure. This fall we have achieved the Grade 4 to Grade 8 structure by welcoming our Grade 4 English program students. In preparation for this transition, in May 2013 the students told us that their ideal school would have strong teaching and curriculum, with kind, understanding, inclusive people and plenty of extra-curricular activities. We continue to strive to meet their expectations of us. Various sources of data (Tell Them From Me survey results, EQAO achievement and contextual data, report card data, variety in extra curricular activities)  inform us that we are on path to achieving these goals.
We have welcomed some new staff to Katimavik, as recently as August 29! I know that you will join me, the staff and students in making Miss Spina, Miss Mackey and Ms. Simpson feel welcome. Miss Spina joins us in the Grade 4/5 English class, Miss Mackey in the Grade 5 English to French Immersion position and Ms. Simpson in the role of night Custodian.
On behalf of the academic staff (Teachers and Educational Assistants), the admin and support staff (Office Staff and Library Staff) and custodial staff, we want to welcome you back and invite you to come and meet us on Thursday, September 18, anytime between 5:30 and 7:00. We look forward to seeing you then.

Welcome back!

Mme Jewell

One More Farewell

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I know you will join me in wishing Mrs. Mosier all the best as she moves to Roch Carrier Elementary School for the 2014/2105 school year. Mrs. Mosier’s energy and great sense of  humour will be sorely missed in the halls of Katimavik next year and beyond. Her penchant for making learning fun while at the same time fostering language and math skills and critical thinking skills has made a very positive impact on all the students she has taught during her time at KES. Her “Survivor” math lessons will not soon be forgotten!
I am hopeful that Mrs. Mosier will forgive me for the oversight in the previous blog post! As with all of the colleagues who are leaving Katimavik, we will miss Mrs. Mosier and wish her every success in her new assignment at Roch Carrier.

Farewells and Welcomes

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Every year as enrolments and professional goals change, schools must bid farewell to some staff members as they pursue other opportunities in their careers.  This year is no exception at Katimavik and we want to officially announce the following changes for 2014-2015.

First of all, M Peltier, who has been teaching at Katimavik for 27 years, has decided to put the chalk on the shelf for the last time on June 28. He will be retiring from a successful career teaching hundreds of students and making a lasting impression on their lives. We will miss M. Peltier’s calm, effective and caring disposition: he truly embraces everyone he meets for who they are. M Peltier taught grade 8 for the first time this year, a testament to his professionalism and dedication to students. It is a fitting close to his career – he can graduate with his class this year! All the best in your retirement, M. Peltier and on behalf of your current and past students: Un gros merci!

Ms. Parker, who is currently looking after her two month old baby boy, will resume her teaching next year at Riverview Alternate School, teaching a grade 1 class. Ms. Parker’s thoughtful planning and collaborative spirit will be missed at Katimavik.

Ms. Milks, who has served as our Learning Resource Teacher, working with students in all grades this year, will be moving on to Grant Alternative School, also in a Learning Resource Teacher Role.  Her deep understanding of the learning process and knowledge of supporting resources will be welcome additions to the students at Grant.

Ms. Hughson, like M Peltier, will be graduating with her Grade 8 class this year, but not heading to retirement! She has accepted a position teaching Intermediate students at Hopewell Public School next year. Students have been grateful for her work on PM8, Student Success and Science Fair, amongst other things.

Mme Rainville will be greeting a Grade 3 class at Berrigan Elementary School in September. Mme Rainville’s gentle and easy-going manner and interest in critical thinking will be missed here at Katimavik, but most welcome at Berrigan.

M. Amjoun will join the community at Huntley Centennial Public School in the fall, where he will be teaching Immersion and Core French students, drawing further on his training with the Common European Framework of Refence for second language learning and trying something new!

Mme Frechette’s energetic and up-beat personality will fill the halls at Lakeview Public School, where she will work with some of our former Katimavik teachers once again. Her passion for learning, penchant for trying new things, interest in environmental concerns and ability to make meaningful partnerships with outside agencies like the University of Ottawa have all been assets in our school community and will be dearly missed.

Mme Dallaire, who has been on leave this year, will return to her teaching duties at Castelfrank where she will be working with the Primary students she loves so much. Welcome back to school, even if it isn’t ours, Mme. Dallaire!

We also say good-bye to our Long Term Occasional Teachers who have been with us this year. Mr. Syed will be teaching Grade 6 at Avalon Public School, Ms. Singh will be on leave and looking after the newest member of the family, and Ms. DeBodt will be teaching Grade 1 at Forest Valley. We will await news about Ms. Kinsman’s next assignment and wish her every success in her future career.

Ms. Daisy Soderstrom will be meeting and supporting a new student with visual impairment next year, at Connaught Public School. We will miss her keen interest in learning. She states that she will miss everyone here at Katimavik.

Mr. Farmer, our Night Custodian who keeps us all laughing and smiling and maintains the spaces after school dismisses each day will be starting a new assiginment at Bridlewood in July. Thanks to Mr. Farmer for all of his work! We will miss your joie-de-vivre!

We would also like to thank Mrs. Sherry Ritchie for her service in the GLP class while Mrs. Beauchamp has been on leave. We will miss her quiet and steady influence and support for our students and wish her well in all future endeavours.

On behalf of the students, families and staff at Katimavik, I wish each of these professionals every success in their new roles next year, and beyond. We are grateful for their many and varied contributions to our school and community. Katimavik won’t be the same without them – it has been changed because of their presence here.

We will welcome one new teacher to Katimavik in the fall. Mr. Rob Hamm will be teaching a homeroom class at KES. He comes to us from Rockliffe Park where he has been teaching Grades 5 and 6 for the past three years. He brings with him an interest in physical education and athletics, and years of teaching experience. We welcome Mr. Hamm with open arms, as we do all newcomers to our school community. I know that staff, students and families alike will make him feel a part of the team very quickly!

Returning from pregnancy leave are Mrs. Lafleur and Mrs. Polowin to assume their teaching duties in homerooms next year. We are looking forward to welcoming both of these teachers back to Katimavik!




Thanks from CHEO

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Here is a letter received by Mme Hart as an expression of thanks for the donation to CHEO they presented on the telethon last Sunday. Grade 8 students planned a series of bake sales through the winter months to raise money for CHEO, Youth Mental Health in particular. They raised $1,350, used the Ministry’s recipe book “Bake it up” which complies with the nutrition guidelines for schools as set out by the Ministry of Education. Students and families who contributed by baking or purchasing: please accept this thanks as your own. Each of your contributions has added up to making a big difference!  Special thanks to Mme Hart for her leadership and to the various grade 8 classes who organized these events.

Thank you for facilitating the Katimavik Elementary School’s cheque presentation for the CHEO Telethon.  We were delighted to highlight your amazing support to CHEO and hope that your group enjoyed the experience.

Most importantly, your donation will go to life saving equipment and research at CHEO.   Last year the doctors, nurses and staff at CHEO handled over 290,000 patient visits and thanks to people like you, they have the tools, medical equipment and training needed to care for each and every child and youth.  The equipment and technology required to treat tiny babies, toddlers, pre-teens and youth is vastly different than what is used to treat adults. That is why your donations are so very important. 

Your support also helps fund the work being done at the CHEO Research Institute as the scientists and researchers focus on problems that significantly affect the health of our children, including cancer, diabetes, obesity, mental health and emergency medicine.

On behalf of all of the children and families who rely on CHEO I offer you our warmest thanks for your recent gift to the CHEO Foundation. 

It was a pleasure meeting some of your group members this past weekend!

Many thanks.

EcoSchool: Bronze!

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Our school received its Ontario Ecoschools certification this year!  Here is what the evaluators had to say about our green programs.

Congratulations Katimavik Elementary School! What a terrific kick off to your EcoSchools journey! It was truly a pleasure to visit your school and see firsthand the passion that your EcoTeam has for the environment. Great work in Teamwork and Leadership; your “golden dust pan” awards are a fun way to engage the whole school community and promote success! Your Energy Conservation and Waste Minimization efforts are showing great results! Wonderful Curriculum submissions; it is clear that there is a strong commitment to eco-literacy at your school! Terrific Environmental Stewardship campaigns!  Congratulations again Katimavik Elementary School on your many successful eco-initiatives!  We look forward to learning about your future successes! Keep up the eco-momentum!

Congratulations to the hard working and dedicated Eco-Club members at our school for the reward of a Bronze status this year. In the words of Mme Goodier with regard to green projects: “The most important jobs are often the least glamourous”, and our students have embraced them and accomplished a wonderful goal this year.  Silver – here we come in 2015! Merci à Mme Viel aussi!

Thank you, one and all!

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Please forgive the personal tone of this message to our community. Today was one of those days where the “goodness” in all of us shone through. The willingness of every student and parent to go with the flow (of the rain!) is a testament to our school communities: families, parent leaders and school staff. As Principal of Katimavik, I have to say that I was concerned about safety, evacuation procedures, fire codes…all kinds of things as we moved activities best suited for outdoors into very small spaces in our halls, gym and library and I am so pleased to say that due to the good will, flexible outlook, patience and sheer determination of the organizing committee and all of the visitors from Castlefrank and Katimavik School Councils, we have experienced a very successful event.
The Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre, YMCA before and after school program, CLIK (and its new affiliate), Kanata Food Cupboard, Basketball Association and a student initiated bake sale were all well visited as guests to the Community Festival.
A huge thank you to the Nursery School is warranted, as their staff did not hesitate to allow us to use their space during the event - at the very last minute! Talk about accommodating!
I want to also extend a sincere thank you to the Castlefrank staff for making their way to Katimavik to volunteer and be part of the festival. We truly appreciate your involvement and contributions to the entire community.
Councilor Hubley, who has become a regular visitor of our special enents, was in attendance for a while and Superintendent of Instruction, Olga Grigoriev came by and was struck by how much an event like this shows that a school is the hub of the community.
The Grade 8 band played in extremely challenging circumstances to an appreciative audience; the gym was hot, loud, filled with inflatables, children laughing and playing, audience members up close –  and the show still went on, and very well, I might add. Thank you to Mr. Ferguson and the band members, and to all the parents and visitors who helped to tidy up after the performance.
The activities in the library were popular and the splash pad had its fair share of participants as well and the Flash Mob mounted by the Castlefrank students to the song “Happy” was a real surprise and highlight of the evening! Thanks for that!
As I reflect on this event in the later hours of the evening, I can’t help but feel the gratitude that I have expressed many times before for the privilege to serve in this community.  On behalf of the staff of Katimavik, I wish to extend a sincere thank you to the School Councils of Castlefrank and Katimavik for their partnership in planning this “feel good” and end of year celebratory event for the community to enjoy.
Je vous offer un grand merci au nom du personnel de Katimavik et Castlefrank. I feel quite confident in saying that a good time was had by all!  THANK YOU to the organizing committee and all contributors.
Mme Jewell



Community Festival is TODAY! Rain or Shine!

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Despite the weather forecast, the School Councils of Castlefrank and Katimavik Elementary Schools will be proceeding with the plans for the Community Festival today. Contingency plans, relying on the good will of our community members to endure some rain and having activities moved indoors will allow them to still offer the activities they have planned. So please drop by anytime between 4:30 and 7:00 for a meal, some music by the Grade 8 band, the splash pad outdoors, and a CES surprise! Along with your umbrella bring your good will, appetite, patience and just relax and spend some time with your families and neighbours!

Looking for Volunteers for Community Festival

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A message from the Katimavik and Castelfrank School Councils:

Hello parents!

We are only a few days away from the Castlefrank/Katimavik Community Festival!  WEDNESDAY  JUNE 11TH 4:30 -7:00 pm

We are hoping to fill all of the volunteer slots.  Please consider donating a half hour of your time.  We are hoping that lines move quickly, and safely, and we can all have a great time!

The sign up genius links are listed below.

The Tippy Ladder really needs you, Cash Ticket sales needs you at 4:45 , and Food Delivery is running short!

Thanks again,

CES/KES Councils

Cash Ticket Sales:


Food Delivery:




Splash Machine Patrol:


Tippy Ladder Operator:


Parents are Welcome to Watch our Track and Field Days

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Each student of our Junior population signed up for two or three of the Track and Field events.  They will be competing against each other (by grade and gender) on Tuesday May 27th at school.  This is when the team will be chosen to represent Katimavik at the Regional meet on June 12th at Earl of March SS.

For the Intermediate students, the Katimavik Track and Field Day will take place on Wednesday May 28th.  The students who qualify to advance will then go to the Regional meet on June 5th at Mooney’s Bay.

The schedules for all events are posted on the ‘TRACK and FIELD TEAM‘ tab of the KES Athletics website: http://katimavik.weebly.com

Please  remember to sign in at the office and get a visitor’s sticker before going out to the field. Thank you for supporting the school procedures that ensure the safety of all students.