Get Caught Reading

A new bulletin board was started down the junior hallway today.  We hope to fill this board with photos of our students reading (if you have a picture send it in with your child who can meet up with Mrs. Quirk to post). 

Thank you to the Katimavik community for helping make our Chapter’s Fundraiser such a success and for purchasing books from the Teacher Wish Lists at the Book Fair for our classrooms :)

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Art Club

The Art Club meets on Day 4 during the first recess in Mrs. Quirk’s classroom.  Students have been “pinning” artistic ideas they would like to try on Pinterest and have already completed their first two art projects, which are on display across from the library.

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New Members are always welcome.


Terry Fox Fundraiser/Awareness Event

Katimavik E.S. has planned a school-wide Terry Fox Fundraiser/Awareness Event for December 15th, 2015

  • Every student will be invited to participate in 7 different activities, led by EF8A students under Mme Hart and Mr Mac’s supervision.
  • There is a wishing well by the school’s office. Every donation will be added to our school’s grand total and entirely donated to Terry Fox Foundation.
  • This year’s goal is to raise $2000 and to raise awareness toward Cancer Research in Canada.
  • Families can buy Terry Fox merchandise. All money raised through these purchases are part of the school’s goal. Items may be viewed on   and orders can be sent to Mme Hart via the homeroom teacher by December 10th. Cheque made to Terry Fox Foundation

Families can donate online as well:

Pleased contact –

Good job book lovers!

A message form school council:

Good job book lovers! We have brought in more than 300 books so far in our book drive held at Castlefrank ES. Good job Castlefrank and Katimavik families! We are still collecting and hope to reach our goal of 500 books before The book fair closes Thursday night.

Update: Progress Reports and Parent-Teacher Interviews

Note – this message has also been sent directly to parents via email. To ensure everyone is informed I have posted it on this blog as well. My apologies if you receive duplicate emails. 

Dear Parents:

I wanted to share information with your regarding progress reports and parent teacher interviews.  Under the terms of the central agreement for elementary teachers, the timing of the fall progress report was delayed.  At the OCDSB, elementary progress reports will be issued for all students in grades 1 through 8 on December 10, 2015. These reports will cover the regular fall reporting period, from the first day of school to October 30th, 2015. The reports will include information about progress and teacher comments.

A reminder that Friday, November 20th is a Professional Activity Day.  This is the date scheduled for parent teacher interviews.  Under the terms of the central agreement, teacher-parent interviews remain at the discretion of the teacher and will be initiated if the teacher has a concern about a student’s progress.  If your child’s teacher feels that an interview would be required, he or she will contact you directly to arrange a time on either the evening of Thursday, November 19th or on the morning of Friday, November 20th.

As always, parents are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher if they have any questions or concerns about their child’s progress. Teachers remain committed to ongoing communication with individual parents/guardians regarding student progress and development.

Although job action has ended for elementary teachers, we continue to have sanctions in place for our educational support workers.  This does have an impact on school operations and we appreciate your ongoing support as we work through those issues.

I want to assure you that our key priority remains working to ensure students have a successful school year. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding.

Take care,

Jeff Gervais
Katimavik ES